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This page was last updated: April 11, 2016
All-Occasion Gifts and Memorials
Recently, a contributor wanted to make a contribution to Plant Today "In Honor Of" a friend for a special occasion.  She asked if we could provide her with a card that she could give to her friend to show her that a contribution had been made in her honor. 

We realized that such cards could be used for numerous purposes:  "In Memory Of" a loved one in lieu of flowers, to say "Thank You" to someone who wouldn't take money for a thoughtful deed, to say "Happy Birthday" to someone who "has everything," to celebrate a loved one's "Special Achievement," and for other occasions.

We've developed some cards that can be personalized according to your needs: 

● The presentation page can be changed to what you want to say.  If you want       the contribution to go towards a special project, that can be specified.

● The presentation page can be placed on the inside LEFT or RIGHT,

● If you have a special photo that you'd like to have on the front of the card, we     may be able to do this.  Contact Mike Medley to discuss.

Each card will have the Plant Today logo on the back cover, along with basic contact information.

Each card will be printed on white card stock, and an envelope will be provided.

Please allow 2-3 days for personalizing your cards.  If you need something quicker, call Mike Medley to discuss how we can help.

Several samples of the front covers of the cards are shown at left, along with some suggested titles you may want to use. 

Many more card styles are available and can be viewed by clicking the buttons at the bottom of this text.

Some sample Presentation Pages are also displayed and can be viewed by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of this text.

Each folded card size is 5½" x 4¼", in either portrait or landscape orientation as shown.

When ordering one of the stock cards, be sure to mention the card number located below each front cover photo.  We will also need to know what words you want on the front, whether you want the Presentation page on the left or right inside, and any wording changes you want to make to the presentation text.  Be sure to tell us if you want the amount of the donation to be specified on the card and, if so, what amount you are donating.  And tell us if you want us to mail the card directly to the recipient or to you.

If you have any questions, and to order a gift or memorial card, please feel free to call or email Mike Medley.  See the Contact page for details on contacting him.

To view the assortment of cards, click on your area of interest below.